~ The old blog is dead. Long live the new blog! ~

2022-07-04 20:40

The journey has started. This morning I had so ideas for this blog, my mind was running thousands miles an hour. Problem is my time is limited, and I also have a full time job and a book to write. However, I have started. The page you are seeing now is served by a Spring Boot Reactive application. My main goals with this is to keep it small and quick. Sure I would love to keep it secure, but that is not a problem for now since, there are no post requests supported. I am still thinking if I should support comments. My small group of readers barely read any comments, so I am still not sure if I should.

Today I was thinking about the templating engine I want to use, but I think I might not need one either. Which is funny as hell, because when people are building applications, well websites they always look for templating engines or build over-complicated frontends. And here I am trying to keep things simple and compact.

One of the first targets I set up for my self was to finally use Spring Boot DevTools, but honestly I have no idea how to make this thing work. If your applications gets built and packed as a jar, it seems Spring DevTools is useless. No matter what I tried, tweaking IntelliJ IDEA, setting various properties, my application just does not restart automatically when files on the classpath change. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, and I probably come back to this in a while. For now, I have other priorities.

The second thing was to configure a rolling file appender. This was pretty easy.

The third thing is to finally add some tabs, where some useful information might be found. I am in the process of doing this.

I will be saying this a lot but, please bear with me.

If you have an opinion about what I write, or what I'm building, feel free to message me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Stay safe, stay happy!

Iuliana Cosmina